Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Disney's new disability system

I don't really like it. I have my reasons too. One reason is because as you know, I have autism along with other special needs. I also have parents who can't function physically. Can you imagine having a father with arthritis in his joints and a mother with major back problems running around? I mean, if they got the DAS for me... they'd never survive it. Let alone, have to deal with all of my severe meltdowns and outbursts at the same time. They'd also never be able to remember what the return times are.

Disney's system doesn't do a thing for people like me. It only makes things worse because they don't take into consideration that autism doesn't go away as a child transitions to adulthood. Some autistic people are adults and have a huge obsession with Disney like me. I would love to go to Disney World, even Disneyland for that matter. However, I know it will never happen because my special needs are too great.

What they need to do is research this stuff. They need to understand that not everyone is autistic either. Not everyone has the STAMINA to do their parks. Sure, when I was younger, I never needed the old pass. That's because we wet during the off season when I was in school. It was much easier at that time to access the parks. Now that I'm older, I have major emotional problems and severe mental health issues too. Doing Disney would be way out of the loop for me.

I read something in a blog. The person said this:

Have you ever tried telling a non verbal child with autism that he can’t ride his favorite ride yet?   What are they going to do when the child has an ensuing meltdown? Call Security?  What pray tell do they expect us to do while we wait for the time to ride?  Most children with autism have hyper focus on one thing.  That’s all they can think about.  There is no transitioning from one thing to another with ease.
I may not be non-verbal, but I'm still autistic. I still have these kinds of problems, and I do wonder myself what they would do if a child or adult had some sort of panic attack. A lot of their cast members aren't even TRAINED to deal with this either. They don't understand what they are dealing with or what to expect. They are likely to make the experiences worse for those like us. All because of their sudden ignorance to our situation, along with those around us.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

People These Days...

I was reading this article. If you look at the comments, someone decided to make generalizations of the person being interviewed based on what she had been saying. He was saying how she didn't seem to have Asperger Syndrome just because of how well she did the interview and on the things she said about phobias and stuff like that. This is what pisses me off about society. There are people out there who seem to think they know autism perfectly. So, they find it's right to judge someone who says they have it. Neither of these two people know each other personally, and to make generalizations of that person because of her interview and such is so wrong.

Why, if I had a nickel for every time someone said "You don't like autistic" to me, I'd be rich. That's because so many people see the ones with severe forms. Either that, or they have a specific idea of what autism is. So, if you don't fit that person's standards in terms of being autistic, then you can't be autistic. This is the kind of thing that grinds me gears. How can people judge someone just because of how they act? I mean, whether they are autistic or blind or whatever. You don't know that person. You don't bother to walk in that person's shoes. What gives you the right to judge them based on how they act around others? I am only mildly autistic myself, but it still doesn't give people a right to judge me.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hello there~

This is my first time using Blogger, well... not completely. I thought it would be a good idea to write about my experiences from being autistic though. I don't know if anyone will follow this, and I might forget about it later. I'm not really used to keeping blogs for very long. My life is pretty uninteresting like most of you might think. I'll do my best to record my thoughts on being autistic as much as I possibly can.